Saturday, July 30, 2011

Early one morning

We wake up very early in this house. Some mornings are like the ones you see in the photos. These are mornings of discovery. Finding new bugs, insects and flowers. Watching bees land on our sunflowers. We watch the chickens find food in the garden. Worms are their favorite. Jonas looks for snails and watches them slowly move away. Angus enjoys the hose. Even Paloma gets in on the fun. I like these mornings.

Saguaro Lake in Pictures

Day 1



Day 2




jonas fishin2


Month 6

This is what a 6 month old does:

She takes a bath with her big brother, in the big bathtub, sitting up all by herself, holding a cup in her hands, all while posing for mama.

Big girl stuff around here!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Month 5

Palomita, Palomita, como estas?
Palomita, Palomita, para donde vas?
Volando en el aigre muy linda y feliz,
Disfrutando con mucho amor.
Palomita, Palomita, como estas?
Palomita, Palomita, para donde vas?
Como to puedes ir sin mi,
Porque te voy a extranar.
Palomita, Palomita, mi amor.
Palomita, Palomita, mi amor.

This little girl is already five months old. I just can't believe it. Where is the time and why is it moving along so darn fast?
She went from being a tiny little fragile baby to a chubbier, sturdier, holds her head up, rolls over on her tummy, scooting, almost crawling baby. As Jonas and Angus would say, "What the heck?"

She is a precious little girl and I am madly in love with her. I just can't help it. Her brothers love her so much that they are constantly smothering her with kisses, hugs and sometimes eye pokes (Angus). Jonas is always giving her nicknames, for example, "baby dulcan," "home sweet," "toothpuh." All names that don't make much sense, but we all go with them anyway. Even Jeremiah says, "Leave baby dulcan alone!"

She is pretty good at letting us know when she is not happy. Do not put her in her car seat or you will hear wailing. Take her out and she is just fine. She likes to torture me like this. Sometimes I dread going anywhere because she will cry the whole time. Her brothers cover their ears sometimes. But once she is out of the car seat, she is happy. Like nothing ever happened.
Ay, Palomita!