Monday, June 23, 2014


                             Water balloon fights.

Pool time

Mavis lost a tooth.

More pool time after dinner. Happy kids equals happy mom.

Silly chickens and a confused rooster sitting on eggs.

They all helped in getting the water out of the pool.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beach day, all day, again, please!

Today was another good day on the beach. 

We started out at about 10:45, after a good breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham.  The kids were ready to get out of our room to play, play, play.  And that is exactly what they did until 6 p.m.

Instantly they get to work.  We got in the water, jumped the waves,  dug holes, looked in tide pools.  Same stuff as before.  Out here it just doesn't get old.  Or boring.   You just enjoy the earth, the cool water, the sun on your back and the sand on your feet.

Jonas even learned how to boogie board today.
He had watched one too many episodes of nature's deadliest and had been afraid to go in the water previous times.
 Yesterday we bought a boogie board for the boys.  This morning he said,  "I might not want to try it out yet."  
Grandma told him it would be okay,  there was no pressure to do anything, we were here to have fun.
When we were playing in the water,  I showed him how to hold it, which direction to go, to wait for the right time and hop on.  
He did.
  And this is what he did most of the day.

Paloma let the boys bury her in the sand!

Angus had to dig his own hole because sometimes big brother doesn't want to share his digging spot.
The joke on the beach:
"I'm digging for gold!" Said Angus as he shovels sand out.
"Angus,  don't pick your nose that's gross," said jonas.

Then I said,  "He's digging to China."
"That is just not possible," said jonas. 
"Why not," I asked. 
"Because you can't do that.  It's another country and you can't just go into another country." 

They also buried Angus and made him lobster prince.  The most handsome lobster prince that ever lived.

Paloma thinking about where she can dig next.

Au natural. 

Here we go home. Just walk up those pretty steps, NOT.

Three tired, happy children ready for dinner.

Back to camp.  Everyone has to carry something. Even if it's a my little pony stuffed animal. Someone's got to do it.

Spaghetti dinner, salad and corn on the cob.
 Thanks to chef Patricia for making us some delicious food in our tiny kitchen. I'll never forget lomy eating three chicken tacos!  They were delicious!

Sand free. Ready to eat.