Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Checking in

April is almost over.  I don't think this year is going to be a slow one.  That is not what I had asked for at the beginning of the year.  I told myself that I would stop and smell the roses or I mean my kids heads and enjoy every moment.  Well, not every moment, but a lot of moments. And what is happening?  These days, weeks, months are just flying by, just like last year and the year before that. 

 I have taken a lot of photos so that I can remember these days and those days and the ones before and after.  I have a phone and camera full of them.  I just have them sitting in memory cards waiting to be printed or posted or looked at and I can't find the time to do any of those things.  I can't find the time, because it keeps escaping me.  It just slips away. And by the time I want to stop and enjoy the moment I am in bed with one of the kids and the day is done.  Too late.

Jonas has one month left of school.  One month.  Then its off to first grade, where he will be gone all day.  All day.  I will definitely welcome the time with just two babes, instead of three, but I will have to get used to not seeing him until the afternoon. 

Angus has been talking so much. Yelling here and there, too.  He is my little naked boy.  He takes his pants off every chance he can get.  I am constantly chasing after him with shorts in hand.  At least he doesn't wear diapers!  
"You are my baby boy," I tell him.  "I am not a baby. I am a big boy," he says, fists at his sides.


Words Paloma says: mommy, up, down, bo-bo, abua, ti-ti, angy, eto (esto), that, this, ampa (grandpa)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

36 months - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


you turned three years old on wednesday.

you are my sweet, handsome little boy, with your big brown eyes and light brown hair.

you are such a wild man, too.


:are fully potty trained.  yay!

:love to hold chickens, baby chicks and roosters.

:like transformers, spiderman, batman, iron man and cars.

:are nice and mean to your baby sister.

:like to swing in the little red swing we have in the backyard and sometimes fall asleep in it.

:can climb up and down the tree in the front yard.

:also like to help me cook.  just like bo-bo.

:look up to your big brother and repeat almost everything he says.

:get mad and kick your legs and punch the air.  this is adorable to watch!

:like to take off your clothes and run around naked.

:will eat candy all day if i let you.  i don't let you, though, but you do love anything sweet.

:wish you could go to school with jonas.

:say 'awww' every time paloma does something cute.

:hold my face when you give me a kiss.  so sweet.

:have lots of little friends.

:have a loud, squealy voice and talk even louder when your brother and sister are sleeping.

:are always talking about coconuts.  (don't know why)

i love you, my little man.

happy birthday!


Monday, April 2, 2012

On having kids

Jonas: When I get big, I'm going to have 6 kids.  I'm going to let them play video games every day.
Me: Every day?
Jonas: For two hours.
Me: That's a lot. 
Jonas: Okay, one hour.  There names are going to be Julian Armenta 'cause he'll be family and I'm an Armenta.
Me:  So, there will be a Julian.
Jonas: Yeah, Julian, Carl, Nep, Kyla, Kylia and Kayla.  I'll have three girls.
Me:  You think your house will get crazy with six kids?
Jonas: No.  If they get crazy, I'll just give them a not-hard spanking like this (gently smacks leg).

one and one and one

Whenever I feel like I am not giving each one of my children my full attention, I stop to think and realize that they aren't being deprived of love or attention because they get it from each other.  They are together when they wake up early in the morning, while we are still in bed, trying to wake up.  They sit at the table when they are eating breakfast.  Cartoons are playing while some watch and some play. 

Sometimes they fight, but who gets along all the time.  One takes the others toy, or makes the other cry.  They then learn that life is a little tough and you have to stand up for yourself and be strong or cry and wait until mom comes to figure out a solution.  
They are a brother, a brother and a sister.  Each one very different from the other. They know it, see it and feel it. 

They go outside and watch each other play, learn, struggle, climb, cry, laugh, yell, hug, explore.  Each one takes a little bit from the other and so on.
Angus and Jonas make sure the bathroom is closed so Paloma doesn't go in.  Paloma wakes up once she hears Jonas' voice every morning.  If another kid takes a toy away from Angus, Jonas is there to stick up for him.  In the backseat, they all take care of or annoy each other.  No matter what is happening, be it good or bad, they are together.

They are so lucky to have each other.