Monday, September 30, 2013

shop days

We set up a little family area at the shop for the children.  I have been helping Miah at work more and so we needed the kids to have a little spot where they can play.  

Paloma is the one who is there the most, then it's she and angus, and sometimes Jonas joins them.  They have a t.v., Legos, play-doh, markers and books.  

They are all so good and so crazy. They play and watch and talk to us when working on their Legos or play-doh.  Paloma wanders out of her little area and checks up on what her daddy is doing.  She talks to me while I struggle with a cardboard box or while sending an email.

Angus gets in there and sometimes, his shirt comes off, because I figure, he feels at home. 

They wrestle on their cushion.  They watch The Lion King over and over.  They play quietly.  They play loudly.  They say they have to go potty and then change their mind halfway to the bathroom. 

Jonas wants to always work on something, make something, "what can I do?" he asks.  

They are setting the background noise while we work.  They are learning to entertain themselves when mommy and daddy are a bit busy.  Just a little, because we hear those little voices for the few hours we are there constantly.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jonas for president

Jonas drew this picture up a couple of weeks ago.  He had watched the news with Miah and said they were talking about war. 

He was quiet.  He didn't say a word.  He just started drawing.  He finished and showed us what he wrote:  I LIKE PEACE!

Me too, Jonas.  Me too!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

rain is good for little souls

It rained last weekend.  We were all so happy about those drops falling from the sky.  The kids had their friends over and everyone was running around like crazy.  Miah made them run around the yard ten times.

They showered under the gutter drain
They posed, showing off big cheesy smiles
They wiggled and jumped and stretched out their arms to show how much they love rain.
Paloma awoke to find it raining again.  She put her sweater on, grabbed her little grey boots and stepped outside.  She was so adorable, my little Lomie, with her pant-less self.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

angus starts preschool

My little Angy started preschool for three days a week.  His first day was good, but the other days not so.  He says he wants me to be there with him.  I want to be there with him, too.  He is so cute and so little and I just want him with me all the time.  But, I know it will be good for him to learn how to be in a school setting.  

For show and tell, I asked him what he wanted to take to show the class.  
"I want to take your head, because I want you to be with me," he said.

I drop him off and tell him I will be back at 12.  His face begins to look sad and tells me he doesn't want to stay, but he stays.  He listens.  He knows he has to be in school, I think, because he's watched his big brother go to school day after day.  

But I can see his face and it breaks my heart.  No one ever told me how HARD being a parent was going to be.  It has gotten easier in some areas, but harder in others.  

He looks so little and sweet and he should be with his mama every second of every day! Just my opinion.

I know he'll be okay. He's going to love it, I hope.  I just hope I'll be okay, soon.