Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, over and out

This year felt like it was on fast-forward.  Every day, week, month, passed us by so quickly.    There were many ups, downs and in betweens.
Here are a few things that happened in 2011:

:I was pregnant at the beginning of the year, then our Paloma was born and lit up our lives with her baby charms.
:Angus and Love Cycles turned two.
:Moved into a different house.  We still miss the old one.  Sigh.
:Some family members suffered some hard times and continue to do so.
:Jonas started kindergarten and turned six.
:Miah built motorcycles.
:Lulu was dognapped and never returned.
:We moved out of our old shop and into a bigger and better one.
:Miah and I turned 31.
:Celebrated the holidays with family.
:Paloma started walking.
:Went through colds and sore throats all the way into the new year.

A lot of other stuff happened that I can't recall because it went by so fast.  Lets hope that this year isn't in such a hurry like 2011.  Take your time 2012, take your time.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Month 11

The day after Christmas

The boys played with their new toys all Christmas day.  We took them to the park to let them ride around in their big toy.  Jonas is a pretty good driver.  Stopping when he needs to, putting it in reverse, waiting for us to catch up to them, not running us over too much.  

Miah and I walked behind them, watching them, as we pushed little P lo in her car.  We talked about what they will be like when they grow up.  When they really hit the road.  Jonas will have a car and hopefully Angus will be shotgun most of the time.  He seems pretty content being a passenger.

We forced them to get out to play in the dry leaves.  Kid stuff!  Who wants to play in the leaves when you can ride a cool jeep.  They did...For a little while.

   Angus spotted a helicopter.  Jonas found this big leaf.

Paloma drove through the leaves with a little help from her daddy.  Angus is stepping on the accelerator without steering.  Jonas just watching. 

Back in to their vehicle.  

 A cutie eating a cutie.

Getting a picture of these three is the hardest thing in the world. Maybe not the hardest thing in the world, but it is certainly not an easy task.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i love

:when Angus says, "My hold chickens two minutes."  :getting a kiss and a hug from Jonas just before he walks in to class.  :hearing Paloma laugh, giggle or yell.  :driving in my car, with all three of my babies with me, even though they drive me crazy sometimes.  :watching Miah teach Jonas how to tie his shoe and then seeing Jonas practice what  he's learned, without us telling him.  :Paloma's forehead-forward kisses.  :how my dad comes over to help me sometimes, for an hour or so, when I have to take Jonas to school.  :watching my boys roll down on their "calitos" from the hill at the park.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chasing chickens = love

I sent the boys out to feed the chickens the other day and to throw some old veggies into the garden.  While they were out there, Angus wanted to catch the chickens, of course.

I could see them through the kitchen window.  

Jonas told him to wait until they ate.  They stood around watching them eat, talking.
When the chickens finished eating, Angus started chasing them, trying to catch one.  He was running after one of them saying, "Big bo catch it. Big bo catch it."  

He looked and sounded very adorable.  Jonas noticed, too.  

I heard him telling his baby brother, "I love you, Angus."  

I walked over to the door and saw Jonas giving him a hug.  

"Angus looked so cute, I had to give him a hug," he said.  

I gave him a hug for being so sweet to his little brother.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


:thankful for our family (mom, dad, patricia), who have helped out by watching the kids, while I help Miah at work.
:relieved that I am finally seeing an end to this horrible cold, but still feeling pretty cruddy.
:happy to see our children act so goofy, sweet and wild. 
:not ready for Monday.  
:like I can conquer most of my clutter, this week, maybe.  Crossing fingers.
:hopeful, that tonight will be a good night of sleep.