Sunday, October 12, 2014

In the paper

Miah was in the Arizona Republic today. 

The kids and I drove to buy it because we were excited their daddy was in the newspaper.  Of course, he was out working so he heard about it over the phone from his proud pops, Jerry.

Jeremiah has worked so hard creating a name for himself.  It's funny because he has been in many magazines and we get equally excited about them, but it was special to let family and friends know they can pick up the local paper and see him in it.

Love Cycles truly is a representation of the hard work and perseverance he has put forth.  I remember when he first started working on motorcycles in our back porch.  With a dream of creating and visions he had of bikes he would love to own.  He started putting together bikes and selling them.   Many people liked his work and soon a few of them asked him to build them a bike.

I remember the day he decided on the name for his shop: love cycles.   I was not surprised.  You often hear of motorcycle shops with tough or rough or too cool names that are meant to represent the ruggedness that is associated with motorcycles, but not his shop.  It would be all about love.  A love for old motorcycles, for riding them, working on them and being inspired to re-create what once was, with his own spin to each one.

He has come a long way from that back porch.  He has a business that he should be so proud of because it was created with his own two hands. It has brought with it the rigor associated with owning a business, but it has also brought many wonderful experiences that could not have happened otherwise.

The kids and I are proud of all of his hard work.   We have nothing but gratitude, but most of all love for our Miah. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This moment

No words,  nothing but a single photo to express a moment in time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just us girls

I am so lucky to have some free time with my beautiful girl.  Usually we spend our days in the car, at the shop, running errands, or dropping her off at grandma and grandpa's house.   

The past two weeks, I haven't had to work so much at the shop.  Paloma and I have been playing and getting to spend some special time at home.  Or we peruse target or the local thrift store. But mostly we prefer being at home. 

Most of the play that takes place is the two of us pretending we are princesses.   

Usually it goes like this
 (in Palomas words):

"I'm the queen and you are my sister."  
We tell each other how brave and beautiful we are. We help each other. 
"I'm the queen and you are Hans, the prince." And we dance, or we beat up witches or rescue puppies.
"I'm a ballerina and you are my dad, the king."  She dances and I get the bad guys.
"I am a princess and I have a lot of puppies and you are going to buy them."  

When I look at her in her dress, her crown and her jewelry,  I just can't not play.  I mean,  look at the photo above.  My heart is ready to burst at that sight.
So, when jeremiah calls me and asks me what I have been doing while he is slaving away at work, well I have to tell him the truth. I did some housework and also Paloma wanted to pretend.  Most of the time I am doing this or that around the house while she fills our mornings with long, drawn out scenarios.   She even tells me what to say.

She often asks when I will send her to ballerina school.   Which I need to remember to look up.  She loves dressing up in sparkly skirts that we found at the goodwill.   

She is so head strong and at times difficult. We get past the fits and tantrums.  She is definitely a bright, curious,  intelligent girl.

She sings to me. She dances so sweetly.  She has such a wild imagination.  She tells me I am beautiful all the time.  Some days I haven't even showered and she compliments me.

There are days I ask her if there is anywhere she would like to go.  She just says, "I want to go home. "
We are always going here-and-there that it's nice when we have days where it is just my lom's and I, with the house to ourselves.  Not a boy in sight.  
We enjoy our time together, just us girls. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It will be so nice


The Arizona days are becoming so much more pleasant.  The storms have been rolling in, kind of washing away the hot summer days.  Even though I am sure there are still a few more hot days in our future forecast, this is the sign of the changing seasons. We don't get the changing leaves just yet, but we do get cool, crisp mornings and evenings.  

It makes living in this dessert bearable and it brings back the beauty I knew was there, at least for me it does.  
During the hot summer months, my mood drops and I look out my window and stare out as the sun blares its heat on our yard.   It's strange how the days can be so bright and sunny and yet so dreary, all at the same time.  I step outside and feel the heat on my skin and wonder how much hot it can take.  Apparently it can take 115+ degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, we step out and feel a cool breeze in the air in the mornings.  We step into businesses and feel good talking about the weather to people we encounter.  We are amazed at how cool 80 degrees feel and a smile follows said amazement.  As if we didn't know it could be this way.  Every summer we forget how hot it gets and then we forget that eventually, there is an end to it.  Jeremiah and I look at each other and let out a little laugh because we think 87degrees feels so good, heck even 90 degrees depending on what you are doing.  


It's like we all made it through the tough brutal phoenix summer and we didn't know we'd see our way out of it.  
And here we all are, on the other side, in the double digit weather, with grins because stepping out of your car or walking on a sidewalk will be much easier.

It's safe to stand outside and let the sun shine on your face.  We are more accepting of it and it's powerful rays.  We won't be stuck inside for hours waiting for it to cool, for the cool will begin and last longer.  My mood will slowly become lighter.  Our street will become louder with the sounds of kids playing outside during the early afternoon.  Bedtimes are already starting to take place just a little earlier. Just a little.

What a difference a few degrees make.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost cool

With busy school/work weeks, you would think we would slow it down on the weekend.  Not us.  The weekends are filled with so many things to do.  We just can't take it easy.  We are always on the move. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  At least we are enjoying our days.  Many people say there is not much to do in phoenix.  I think we prove otherwise.  You have to find things to do.  The weather has cooled only slightly.  But we still drag our kiddos to the park.  They go on long bike rides and we are out so long, even during the hottest time of the day.  It tell them that at least they know they are tough and can handle anything.

Of course, we always make sure they are safe, hydrated and make stops in cool places when needed.  

This park visit had Angy swinging as high as he could swing, but Paloma was flying higher.  We spotted three bunnies  and a quail.  

Jonas ran down to pick up a couple of tame ducks.  Two little girls were holding them.  Our three went to join in.  They counted how many fish they saw int the pond for future fishing purposes.

They don't know it yet, but this is memory making in action.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

picture days and funny faces

Last week, the boys had their school pictures taken.  We let them dress pretty casual compared to other kids.  Some wore suits and bows and vests.  While others wore regular t-shirts.  At least we put a shirt with a collar on angus and jonas wore a red tie...With his green striped shirt, that doesn't require a tie.  It had puppies on it, too.  Can't forget that detail.  
Good thing he showered that morning.   Look at that shiny mane on the boy.

This is the face he said he was going to make for picture day.  

And I would have ironed Angy's shirt or jonas' shorts, if only my iron worked.  I was thinking of putting some gel in Angy's hair.  Miah thought the same thing, but as we buckled him in his car seat, we realized neither of us had done it.  

At least they will look like their wild selves and not like some clean cut kids that no one would recognize.  Maybe we'll remember the details of those photos years later.  The fact that they both needed a haircut and an iron through their clothes.  We'll remember how they each added their special touch to their picture. 

 I can't wait to see them.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

labor day - monday

Jonas woke up when miah was on his way to work.   He tried to lay back down to sleep a little longer, but I knew it was wishful thinking.  There was no more sleep in store for this boy.  He surprised me with breakfast on the table.   He wanted to cook for me so i wouldn't work on labor day.

We met miah at the shop with our bikes in the truck.  A perfect morning bike ride awaited us.