Monday, January 4, 2016

the first day of the year

Our first day of 2016 took place in Laguna Beach, CA.  I slept in because of a sleepless night, while my family got up early, ate their complimentary breakfast and headed for the beach.

When I reached them, they had explored the area finding cool sea life all morning.  Some perfecting climbing, while the other seek and find, touch and feel, what the small pools of water hold.

They always have a great time, never wanting to leave the ocean, the sand, the fun.  We bring them because we want that love for nature to always be in their minds.  Video games, T.V., toys are not missed, at least while our bodies are out on the beach.

They play happily together.  Running toward the parting wave and away the crashing tide.  They make up games as they jump up, not letting the water touch their little feet.  The water always wins.  It reachs out for them, as the run away, heads turned back to see how close or how far it is from them.

At first, Jonas hesitates to get in.  When we turn to look at him, a few minutes have passed, he is halfway in the water. 

They dance, jump, skip, bend at their waist and run the water through their hands, splash it up in the air or at each other.  It is amusing to watch. 

We sit on our blanket, watching our beautiful babes loving the simple things. 

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