Thursday, September 10, 2015

The things that make them

I watched Angus walk up to his backpack hanging by the door, walk back to the couch with his lunch bag in hand.  Whatever leftovers he had, he pulls out to eat.  Orange slices and goldfish. 
I like that he remembers his uneaten food.  He is thrifty.  He never longs for toys as I've seen other children in this household wish for more.  He is happy and content with the minimal.  He is my smart little mathematician. When we work on homework,  math is the subject where he excels.

Our days are funny like this.  I watch them everyday do or say funny things. 

Wild haired Paloma, with child friendly scissors in hand,  cuts and pastes, colors and draws, and cuts again.  She creates everyday.  She gets ideas and makes them come to light.  Albeit four-year-old ideas, but ideas that come to fruition nonetheless.   I am amazed at her energy and her imagination.  

I am here for this reason; to observe and encourage.   To love and apreciate. 

All while Jonas gets me out of trying to figure out what to make for dinner, because he thought tacos would be perfect for tonight.  He does this often, which I appreciate,  because I can get stuck in meal planning ruts.  He loves cooking and wants to learn by creating as much as he can.  Even when it means the kitchen will end in a mess, I allow his creativity to work.