Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Month 9

This beautiful child is 9-months today!
She has two bottom teeth, a ton of energy, a funny personality and loves her family.  We know this because she smiles every time she sees us.  She makes us laugh and smile, too.  I can't believe she is three months away from turning ONE.  She has stood up without holding on to anything a few times now.  Oh, I know what's coming soon, but I am not going to speak or type it.  I'll just wait for it.  

Morning to Night

Jonas and Angus wake up early together.  Sometimes Jonas takes care of Angy, while Miah and I try to get a few extra minutes of sleep (not really!).  He asks him if he wants cereal or turns the t.v. on and they sit close together and watch.  Sometimes they go out to the backyard to check on the chickens.  Jonas has even taken Angus' heavy morning diaper off for him and washed him in the tub.


When Jonas has to go to school, Angus cries at times.  Throughout the afternoon he reminds me that we have to "pick-up big bo."
While we are waiting in the long line of cars at Jonas' school, he'll shout, "Donas, are you, Donas?"

If they fight, they apologize by giving each other a hug and kiss.  Angus will kiss Jonas on his tummy, because that is what his little head meets and Jonas kisses Angus on the top of his head.  Jonas has defended his little brother many times, by telling kids not to take his brother's toy.  He's even yelled at  the grandparents saying, "He's just a baby!"

At night, they are together.  One has more energy, the other wants to just relax and read books.  Jonas will get irritated with said energy, while Angus keeps jumping, bouncing, not sitting still.  
In the end, when the lights go out, they are... together.  

Pumpkins, pumpkins

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Checking in

A lot happens every week that it's hard to sit down and soak it all in.  Especially with these three babes that are our children.  They are up to so much every single day.  If I stop and think about what I did on any given day, it usually amounts to a lot of everything and a lot of nothing.

Everything meaning the changing of diapers, cooking, cleaning, waking, sleeping (or lack there of), home-working, teaching of good, disciplining the bad, taking out of car seats and putting in, driving, playing, talking, watching, -ing etc.  The nothing part is almost a lot of the same stuff, because it's not like those things are things I can show at the end of the day.  Not like, hey I finished this report or completed this project.  It's more like, "Hey I changed 9 diapers today, yay!  Or "I washed this many dishes today!"  Diapers go in the trash, dishes get put away and get used again.

I do want to write down all the things my children are doing, going through, working out, getting done because I just don't want to forget.  I don't want to miss them.   This is why I do all of the above.  For them.  Because it all goes by so fast. These days, filled with their growing, their learning, their being, all move quickly.  I guess I could see the efforts of my work when these three people are grown.  I hope I am doing them good.  In the meantime, I'll keep doing my best and if one day is tough, like so many are, hopefully the next will be easy.

 Angus has been talking so much.  I say a sentence and then he repeats it.  He also has been feeling really jealous and I don't blame him.  My little man needs me to hold him, cuddle him and I try to give him attention, but it is hard when there is an 8-month old crying for my arms, as well.

 Paloma is a non-stop crawling machine.  She is constantly moving, but also wants to be held - a lot.  And she scrunches her face when she's mad about something.  It's so cute, we try to make her upset, so she can make it again. Funny thing, she makes the face at dad most of the time.

I went to parent/teacher conference today to hear that our Jonas is doing excellent and that he is a little chatterbox.  He loves talking to his buddies in class, even when he is not supposed to.  I think he gets it from Miah.  These two make friends very easily.  He also has not stopped asking for things.  I mean, all the time.  He gets told "no" quite often.  He's working on patience.