Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cookie time

The boys wanted to make chocolate chip cookies this morning.  It was about 8:30 in the a.m. Yup, we had already been up for about two hours.  These kids sure know how to wake up early.  

Paloma was wondering what we are doing and why is no one listening to her.  

Angus was happily mixing the cookie dough, waiting patiently to stick his little fingers for a taste.

Jonas likes spinning the bowl really fast.  This technique doesn't really mix the dough together, but it makes for a cool photo.  

Angus thinks it is pretty cool.  Most things his big brother does are cool.

And now for the tasting.  He approved and so did everyone else in the house.  I am not a fan of cookie dough.  I wait till they are nice and baked.  They were good!

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