Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morning to Night

Jonas and Angus wake up early together.  Sometimes Jonas takes care of Angy, while Miah and I try to get a few extra minutes of sleep (not really!).  He asks him if he wants cereal or turns the t.v. on and they sit close together and watch.  Sometimes they go out to the backyard to check on the chickens.  Jonas has even taken Angus' heavy morning diaper off for him and washed him in the tub.


When Jonas has to go to school, Angus cries at times.  Throughout the afternoon he reminds me that we have to "pick-up big bo."
While we are waiting in the long line of cars at Jonas' school, he'll shout, "Donas, are you, Donas?"

If they fight, they apologize by giving each other a hug and kiss.  Angus will kiss Jonas on his tummy, because that is what his little head meets and Jonas kisses Angus on the top of his head.  Jonas has defended his little brother many times, by telling kids not to take his brother's toy.  He's even yelled at  the grandparents saying, "He's just a baby!"

At night, they are together.  One has more energy, the other wants to just relax and read books.  Jonas will get irritated with said energy, while Angus keeps jumping, bouncing, not sitting still.  
In the end, when the lights go out, they are... together.  

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