Tuesday, May 26, 2015

grandma turns 60

We celebrated my mom's birthday in april by having dinner at Oregano's.  She loved it because the dishes were big and delicious.   My mom's most favorite thing is to eat good food, so we were in the right place.
The kids love grandma so much.  I know why.  Its because my mom gives them unconditional love when she is with them.  She will do anything for her grandchildren.  I have to stop her at times because she can over spoil. But there will be no other person on this earth that will do that for them.  
She has so much patience.  She taught me how to be a good, loving mother.  I love her and I love to see her happy.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chef Jonas

For his inventor report jonas chose the man who invented the potato chip, George Crum.  Of all the inventors, he had to pick a chef.  He loves to cook, so it made sense. 

He had to dress up as his inventor.  He looked so good.  He borrowed from grandma Trisha a chef coat and we bought a hat, mustache and apron.  He also wore pants and a button up shirt.  He had his speech ready.  He also had props; potato chips, of course.

He looked like a professional. 

Of course, with all that clothes on my poor kid got overheated.   He was sweating so much and looked like he was about to faint.  He had a stomach ache.  I made him take off his coat and apron.  He drank some water and walked out to get fresh air. 

I hate it when stuff like that happens.  All that to put on a good presentations and he starts feeling sick.  But he was a great George Crum.

And he was ok in the end.

Friday, May 1, 2015

we went to the 'copa count fair

And all I got were these two photos of my mango.

So I would consider it a good time.

And it was on our 12 year anniversary.  Spending it with the little people we love was the best.