Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was a blur, so I am glad we took a few photos. It's neat to see the kids together with their cousins. Wished my brother and his family were there so that ALL the littles would have been together. It will happen, some other get together, I guess.

We had a free-range turkey, all thanks to Patricia. Jonas was hungry and sat at the table until the food was ready. Angus napped, and woke up, just in time to eat. Paloma was being shy, and would not let her grandma's put her down.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seven years

Dear Jonas,

Today, you turned seven years old. We celebrated your special day with family and friends at your favorite restaurant.

About a week ago you had asked me if we could go to Peter Piper Pizza for your birthday dinner. I thought sure why not and told you I would talk to dad about going. But a few days later, we were out on the weekend and you asked dad, "Can we go to Oregano's for my birthday dinner?" Miah said yes.

It surprised me that you had changed your mind about where you wanted to go. I know how much you love the games and the craziness that is Peter piper pizza. But I thought, cool, I love Oregano's too. Better choice.

All day today you were so excited about dinner. You kept asking us who was going to be there, were you going to get any presents, and if you could please get a pizza cookie for dessert.

After school, I asked if you got to open the wrapped book I sent?

"Did the teacher read it to the class?"

"No, she didn't read it, she said I could read it."

I can see you reading that book to the class. Typical Jonas!

Angus had made you cupcakes for your birthday while you were in school and decorated them himself. He knew you were going to love them.

Finally it was time to go.

While at the restaurant you were so happy. You had your grandmas and grandpas there, which made this day extra special.

You were so polite and patient when receiving gifts, talking to the waiters, and while waiting for dessert.

You sat in the center because you were the birthday boy. You looked so proud, so grown.

I can see what one year has done. When you were six, I know you would not have wanted to sit at a boring old restaurant, but this year, this day, was different.

You wanted to hear stories about you when you were younger. You kept looking around at us, with a grin on your face. You were also being goofy and silly, laughing with your buddy Kendrick and Angy, too, but you just seemed a little different. Maybe a little more mature. You seemed one year older. I can see it. I see what time is doing. How it's unfolding you each passing year.

I know that this the way it is supposed to be. I know that this is what is supposed to happen. I feel proud because I can see what a beautiful person you are right now and what a beautiful person you are going to be.

We have our tough times, like when you and I disagree. When you are mad at me for being a parent and adding limitations. When you say I'm mean. But we work it out. I understand how you feel and you understand where Im coming from as a parent. Sometimes it takes a while, but you understand.

When you blew out your candles, you wished out loud.

"I wish for lots of fun stuff!"

On the way home, you were tired but smiling. "What a great birthday dinner," you announced.

Dad and I both agreed.

I love you my seven year old!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday: 3:19 p.m.

Paloma's favorite movie is on, Finding Nemo. We are in the boys room while they play a fishing game in the living room.
All is good in this house when Paloma watches Nemo.