Friday, July 25, 2014


We stayed home all day today.  That is a rare sight.  We are always out running errands or going places just to get out.  I am not too crazy about being at home all day, everyday.  We always plan or not plan something, just to go somewhere, anywhere.  Today, I had said we needed to go to the store for some house stuff and then maybe to the new changing hand bookstore by our house or grandmas house.  Who knows?  
Instead we ended up staying at home.  

The summer mornings have not been easy.  I fall asleep kinda late and the kids wake up kinda early.  Those two things don't mix.  They start waking me up telling me they are hungry.  Ugh. I force myself out of bed and begin and keep going until the end of the day.

This morning I made breakfast and everyone sat at the table.  It was nice.  Of course, I sat after my family was finished.  My sweet babes all thanked me for breakfast.  Those three sure know how to charm mama.  Until they act like like little rascals.  

I put the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  
Lunch time came and all was like before.  Dirty dishes in the sink with energized kids fueled and ready for their next adventure.    

We played outside, colored, watched some videos. 

Later, we let the neighbor girls come in to play.  Some built kites, others played matching games and one played on the dry erase board.  All playing so contentedly, until that gets boring and then they are off to the next thing.

I often think about what other families do on a daily basis.  What is it like for other moms who stay at home all day, everyday. 

All day, Paloma was so grumpy.  She was yelling and throwing fits.  Each time I told her I would help her if she asked nicely and calmed down.  She did, eventually, and then I'd help.  Then something would set her off, again.  

We had a few discussions about video games.  Ugh. Video games are my worst nightmare.  Oh, how I wish they didn't exist.  But whatever. We just have to make it work.  Acknowledge the fact that they like them and let them play once in awhile, but not let them play too much.  That's the hard part because it is never enough for them.  They do lots of other things, but video games are always in the back of their minds. 

Finally, evening came along with a chance of a dust storm.  The kids were excited.  Jonas tried to fly the kite he and Abby made, but it didn't work that well.

They were so sweet trying to fly that kite. The kite that I knew just wouldn't pick up.  We walked inside, with happy faces ready for dinner.  They called their daddy, worried abut the storm and asked if he could please come home because they didn't want him driving when it finally came our way.

We sat for our dinner of baked salmon, rice and broccoli. We talked and got ready for bed.  I read some books to three wiggly kids.  I yelled at the wiggly children a couple of times in between stories to try to tame their wiggles.  The boys were the first to fall asleep.  
Loma fell sleep soon after.  

All was good.  
During some parts of the day it seemed liked it wouldn't be. 
It was, eventually, it was.