Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friday Movie Night

We rented Robots and bought some popcorn. The boys looked so sweet together. I remember when it used to be just Jonas, now he has great company to watch a movie with.
Towards the end of it, Angus was getting a little bored so he decided to start throwing some the popcorn out of the bowl. Jonas wasn't happy about that.
Theses two are so funny together and so different, but they get along so well.
(No matter how cold it is, Jonas prefers to be in his undies and look at those chubby little feet on Angus.)
Love them!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick or Treat Toy Story Style

(Grandpa, Woody and Buzz. Baby 'Rias as a monkey. The Duo ready for some candy.)

They were the unstoppable duo of Woody and Buzz.
They seriously did not want to stop trick or treating. Angus ate so much candy that night. His pumpkin was fuller than Jonas' because every time they put candy in it, he reached out his hand and said, "little, little," and then everyone would hand him another. He'd try to bite into it right away, before grandma, grandpa, Miah or I could take it from him.

Jonas didn't really eat much candy, but this year he was ready to keep on collecting. Especially after his buddy, Philip, joined us. People would tell him what a great looking cowboy he was and he would instantly inform them that his little brother was buzz light-year. A big mean wolf scared him and grandma Stella. After that, he could not stop talking about it, even to the people who were giving him candy.

"Uh, uh, let me tell you something. A wolf scared my grandma at the spooky house over there."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall means...PUMPKINS!

These two are crazy about pumpkins. Especially the boy on the left. He wants to buy one every time we go to the store. We went to a pumpkin patch (not the one pictured) yesterday and he asked me if we could buy one.

I said, "I don't know, we already have five at home." Yes, five, all different sizes.

He then asked dad, and dad said, "Sure."

"Mom, did you hear what dad said? Dad said we could buy a pumpkin!"

He found the perfect one and was very proud of how round and orange it was. He loves them.
Even Angus says, "puh-ken". He even made sure grandma 'Stella had some on her porch for decor.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These boys are my world!

Looking at these two together sends me swooning. Ah, to be in love with the two most beautiful people in my world. Doesn't get any better than this. I forget about the crying fits, the "I wants.." and the occasional or I should say, daily messes. All that is out the window when one of them does or says something sweet. Ah, to be in love...

Monday, September 13, 2010


Who likes to eat and eat and eat whatever yummy thing he can find?
Well, here are some guesses:
  • He has big round cheeks and a big round belly.
  • He calls most things he sees, "mama".
  • His hair is so wispy that it always looks tousled.
  • He climbs on tables and chairs no matter the height.
If you guessed Angus, well, that is correct.

(Here he found a Resee's Peanut Butter Cup that belonged
to Jonas. He hid and was ever so quiet with his chocolate

Let's play sports

Here's something we Armenta's are not really into...Sports. Hence the gaining of weight by Jeremiah and I. We know we need to move more, maybe not by doing a particular sport, but exercising by any other means would be helpful for our health and our appearance.
Jonas and I won this little white ball from one of those fifty cent claw machines. The day after we brought it home, he was curious about how to play soccer. He was playing in the front living room. He'd take breaks to get some water or to tell me something. Then he'd say, "Okay, I have to go play more sports."
We walked to the field by the house and played a little. I really want him to play some kind of sport when he starts kindergarten or something. So that he doesn't grow up to be like I was. Never interested in any sport related activity. I know, so far, he likes baseball and soccer. That's a start.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shop boys

Dear Miah,
I saw these photos of you and the boys and I just had to post them so that we don't forget how beautiful our boys are. I know work needs to get done and you are the one who has to do it. I also know you miss them a bunch and they miss you too, just as much. Can't wait for work to slow down a bit so you can catch your breath and enjoy these two boys as much as possible.
Love you,

Summer style

Jonas in his preferred summer outdoor/indoor wear.

When he gets home from school, the store, or just about
anywhere, he instantly undresses down to his undies.

At least he knows he needs to wear clothes when we
go out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A day at the park

We walked to the park on Friday because it was cloudy, but as we stepped out of the house the sun poked its head out. Ah, the sun. Can't you just hide a bit longer for us to take a nice walk, so that we don't feel as if we are going to burn alive. We made it to the shop, where luckily, Miah had bought us some Subway (he knows how much we like to eat). Jonas and I agreed on a picnic at the park.

First thing we did when we arrived at the park was eat. It was a long walk, we were hungry. The boys played together. Angus is big enough to climb up the slide all by himself. Jonas was excited about that. He saw some kids his age approach the playground and said, "Maybe they can play with me." Then he thought and spoke again, "I'll just play with Angus." That makes me happy. To know that they have each other to play with and have fun.

After eating, sliding, playing, running, falling, a scraping of the knee and a bump from a swing later we were thirsty and ready to head home. Being too tired to walk back, we had Miah pick us up. Thank God Miah works so close, I don't think I could have walked any further than the parking lot.

I wish the weather was like this more often, so that we don't have to wait until it's right around the boys bedtime to go outside.
Can't wait for fall!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What are these two boys going to want when they are older? Hmm, let me guess...
Could it be, motorcycles!
I am going to be one worried mother and wife when they are all out riding together. Good thing that is many years away, but then again, time sure is passing us by quickly.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A little rain, goes a long way

We wish it would rain more often. When it did rain, or sprinkle a bit we were definitely outside enjoying the weather. Too bad it didn't last long. The boys love getting muddy.
Angus watches what big brother does all the time. He knows a lot because of Jonas.

They are so sweet together.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Books, books and more books, please!

I've been reading to Jonas since he was Angus' age (15 months old). When I read at bedtime, Angus doesn't sit still at all, but I can tell he is beginning to show an interest in books. He walks over to the book shelf in Jonas' room and pulls about ten of them off the shelf and opens each one up, points at the pictures, laughs.

Jonas loves books. He picks out the books he wants me to read to him at the library.
When I saw them sitting in the room, both with books in their laps, I couldn't help but feel good about myself.

My mom and I would spend hours at the library when I was younger. She would be in the spanish section, which was actually very close to the children's section. Those days were different, or so they seemed. I would explore on my own, while she would look for her books, then we'd meet at a table and each dive into our findings.

We went to the library yesterday and for the first time in a long time, Jeremiah joined us. It was nice to have him there, as opposed to it just being me, having to keep an eye on two boys that want to go in two different directions. Last time I went by myself I lost my phone. Luckily, the young kid who found it, actually returned it.
Jonas and I did our rounds, walking through the picture book aisles. Jonas picking his bedtime books, asking me what the names were and stuffing them in our bag. We checked out 30 items. Five of those were dvd's, the rest, all books. We have read all our books and have re-read our favorites.

I can't wait for Angus to be ready to enjoy listening to a story. For now, he would much rather jump on the bed, throw toys out of the sorter box or sit and look through a book he grabs from the bookshelf, while Jonas and I lie in bed reading.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Out of sorts

These past few days have me feeling rather down and I can't explain why. Maybe it's the weather, I don't know. I want to wake up feeling good and refreshed, but with little sleep it's just not working out that way. Every night I tell myself that I will be in bed early and as soon as the boys are asleep, I feel tired enough to just lay down and drift off to sleep, but I don't. By that time, I have time for myself- time for me to watch some mind-numbing T.V., talk to Miah or just sit and do...nothing.

There lies my big mistake, I should get myself ready for bed, maybe do some yoga, something productive that will help me feel better the next day. But I'm drained at the end of the day that I just don't want to do anything at all.

Call me lazy, whatever. I know I'm not because I am constantly doing stuff around the house, tending to two little boys who need lots of attention. Yet, when I wake up in the morning, the house looks as though it has never been cleaned. Ahhh!

I'll put it this way, as Jack Kerouac once wrote: "If I do nothing nothing does."

In the moment


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I left Angus alone for a few minutes while I was in the bathroom and this is what he did.

Buddha belly

Angus shows his gut with pride. He sticks it out as far as it can go. 

Sometimes, it looks like a little pregnant belly, all round and hard. It's at its roundest after he eats and oh, is it round.  

He walks around poking his belly button when he's not wearing a shirt.  

I love his chubbiness, though it's slowly dissapearing. His arms and legs are not as full as they once were. I love picking him up and nibbling on his feet, thighs or belly.

While nibbling, I always say, "I eat babies like you for breakfast!" as he cracks up laughing. 

Ah, the joys of having a chubby little boy. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.