Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's play sports

Here's something we Armenta's are not really into...Sports. Hence the gaining of weight by Jeremiah and I. We know we need to move more, maybe not by doing a particular sport, but exercising by any other means would be helpful for our health and our appearance.
Jonas and I won this little white ball from one of those fifty cent claw machines. The day after we brought it home, he was curious about how to play soccer. He was playing in the front living room. He'd take breaks to get some water or to tell me something. Then he'd say, "Okay, I have to go play more sports."
We walked to the field by the house and played a little. I really want him to play some kind of sport when he starts kindergarten or something. So that he doesn't grow up to be like I was. Never interested in any sport related activity. I know, so far, he likes baseball and soccer. That's a start.