Wednesday, April 29, 2015

lazy sunday

Just a couple of kids watching some t.v.  We lounged around the house the day after Angus' birthday.  Before we headed out to the fair.  We are just a non-stop family.

Mavis also needed some tube time.   

Monday, April 27, 2015

angus dylan // six years old

Dear angus,

It's been a few weeks since you turned six.  The little boy who was the cutest chunkiest baby is now a big  kindergartner.  You know how to read and do math.  Amazing stuff is happening in that brain of yours.  You catch on quickly.  You surprise me with all the big words you know.

You continue to be my sweet boy with a funny sense of humor.  You are thoughtful and curious.  In the mornings, I have to talk you out of sleep, reminding you that it is yet another day of school.  I wish you could stay cuddled in your warm bed as much as I wish I could stay in bed.  We definitely have that in common. 

You have your very own friends and were so happy to see them at your party.   It's neat to see you show up in the morning and walk away from me and Paloma to join your little group of friends.  You run off to play and as the bell rings to line up I walk up and tell you, "I love you, Angus. Have a great day!" You give me a kiss and turn around.  Confidently and comfortably you walk in to class.  That is what I call growing up. 

You can now cross the monkey bars from one end to the other.  You read your own books.  You want to do everything Jonas wants to do.  You are a natural gymnast. You still love ice cream.  At night you want me to tell you "Angu" stories, like the ones I told you when you were two years old.

I love you my sweetheart!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

6 years old ~ angus dylan

We celebrated angus ' 6th birthday.   Family and friends were there to celebrate our little man's birthday.   He was so happy.