Friday, February 20, 2015

half gone

February is almost gone and I have many photos of it.  That way I can see that the days actually took place because as I sit here and try to think of half of the things we have done, I can't.

The fog came to visit us for a day.  The city felt dreamy.  We couldn't just enjoy it from our house.  We had to go out to explore and view it from different places.  Jeremiah picked the perfect place, Papago Park's hole in the rock.  We wish it would come back for another visit.

Paloma's birthday jumpy castle stuck around for a few extra days.  The kids had so much fun, including Mavis, whom we taught how to slide down.  The day after, Angus and Paloma walked outside ready to jump, but it was gone.  A sad moment, for a few seconds, then they played something else.  

She got this preschool activity book for her birthday.  She is learnding her letters, shapes and colors.

Paloma and I have been having one too many lunches at Rolberto's.  They all love the taquitos, guacamole on the side.  Not helping my figure at all.  Oh, well!  A girls got to eat.  If taquitos are on the menu, then that is what we shall eat!

February brought a bunch of cousin visits.  We have been lucky to see them all.  

Angy ready for school.  It makes me so happy that he loves it.  He is learning so much.  He reads, writes, knows addition.  He's my smart mango.

Miah took a quick trip to San Francisco.  He left Wednesday and surprised me on Valentine's Day.  He loves getting on the road.

We spent time at Patricia's house and my parents house while the Mr. was in California.  Not as exciting as his outing, but fun nonetheless.  

These photos end on February 15th.  Half of the month has passed us but the days were not wasted.  We have been cruising in our blazer, top off, wind in our hair and eyes, sky above and scenery all around.