Monday, May 12, 2014

goodnights and i'm sorrys

My bones hurt.  I feel tired. It may be because I need exercise to strengthen my body or it may be that I have not stopped all day. 
Tonight, at bed time, I was reading the kids a book and finally resting my bones.  Jonas was mad because I didn't let him watch his favorite 8 o'clock show, archies weird mysteries.  Paloma had thrown many tantrums throughout the day and Angus would not stop asking for video games.  

Well, I was reading aloud when I hear a waterfall of I'm sorrys coming my way.
Jonas started first, "I'm sorry I was being mean."
Then Paloma,  "I'm sorry I throwed a fit today."
And Angus followed, "I'm sorry I wanted to play so much games."

This was not planned.  They hadn't huddled together to discuss how sorry they felt or how they were going to apologize to me.  Maybe they could see the exhaustion in my face.  I am proud that they realize that sometimes they are not so nice and good and that they know that they should say sorry for misbehaving.
Those three sentences felt good to hear.  It was a long day and those little voices made me feel better.  
I gave each one a kiss on the cheek and told them I loved them.  They fell asleep minutes after. 
I am such a sucker.