Saturday, February 1, 2014

Paloma ~ 3 years old

Dear Paloma,

On Wednesday you turned three years old. I didn't think three was going to come so fast. I've been looking back at pictures of you as a baby and I miss your chubby little bald head.  I miss it, but I am so glad I get to see my beautiful big girl. 

You are a sweet girl. You love dressing up as a princess.  You ask me numerous times throughout the day to put your dress on.  I compliment my girl. I tell you what a beautiful princess you are and you smile.  I'll catch you a bit later, you are no longer in your dress and I say, "Hi princess Paloma."  "I'm not a princess, I'm just Paloma," you say, looking down, showing me that your dress is no longer on.  I have to apologize for my mistake.  

Your voice is strong, exactly how I want it to be.  I want you to be the opposite of what I was.  I was shy and quiet, but your voice is loud and strong.  We just have to work on when to be loud. Like not when you need something from me.  You always I ntroduce yourself to people when we are at the shop.  People are impressed when they hear you speak.  

You love it when angus calls you "baby".  "He calls me baby," while pointing at Angy. You know it is an affectionate term coming from your tough big brother. 

There have been mornings were you tell me how beautiful I am, when I feel my worst.  You love to have tea  time. You like "make-ups", and have asked when you can wear it.  You ask me so many questions, you are very curious and smart.  You can get upset and show it, you little door slammer.  When we do things together, without the boys, you say, "We are ladies shopping."  You like polishing your nails.  You are very feminine, but can be a tough girl, too.

Today, at your party you were so grumpy, mainly because I think you needed a nap, but when you finally got over the grumpiness your were happy, running around, and playing.  You thanked everyone for the gifts they gave you.  You knew all the attention was for you and it was a little overwhelming at first, but you got through it.  

I love you so much my precious p.

You are my sweet, sweet!