Friday, September 30, 2011

Month 8

 My pretty precious Paloma is 8-months old.  She is doing so much, always moving.  She crawls everywhere, pulls herself up, puts her bottom down from standing.  She even has a tooth, with another one making its appearance soon.  She is still crazy about her brothers, but now lets them know when they are all up in her face.  You'll hear a grunt, cry or scream.  They then give her space, but I can tell it's hard for them to stay away.  She wakes up too much at night to nurse, but I can't stop it.  She's just too darn cute!
 She smiles a lot.  Her happiness is contagious.  Watch out.  She just might cheer you up!  She is doing a lot better in the car.  Only crying if she has been in her car seat for too long.  She can now pick up tiny pieces of i-don't-know what that she finds on the floor.  She doesn't like touching grass.  She didn't know where to put her hands when we sat her down for these photos.  She still loves drinking her milk but is also trying a bunch of different food.  
Angus held her feet up this evening and smelled them, then gave them a kiss.  Every morning, Jonas greets her before anyone else.  
Yay for 8 months!

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