Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chasing chickens = love

I sent the boys out to feed the chickens the other day and to throw some old veggies into the garden.  While they were out there, Angus wanted to catch the chickens, of course.

I could see them through the kitchen window.  

Jonas told him to wait until they ate.  They stood around watching them eat, talking.
When the chickens finished eating, Angus started chasing them, trying to catch one.  He was running after one of them saying, "Big bo catch it. Big bo catch it."  

He looked and sounded very adorable.  Jonas noticed, too.  

I heard him telling his baby brother, "I love you, Angus."  

I walked over to the door and saw Jonas giving him a hug.  

"Angus looked so cute, I had to give him a hug," he said.  

I gave him a hug for being so sweet to his little brother.

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  1. Angus and those chickens!! LOL Jonas is a GREAT bog brother and big cousin to Abby too. He has such a big heart!