Sunday, September 8, 2013

angus starts preschool

My little Angy started preschool for three days a week.  His first day was good, but the other days not so.  He says he wants me to be there with him.  I want to be there with him, too.  He is so cute and so little and I just want him with me all the time.  But, I know it will be good for him to learn how to be in a school setting.  

For show and tell, I asked him what he wanted to take to show the class.  
"I want to take your head, because I want you to be with me," he said.

I drop him off and tell him I will be back at 12.  His face begins to look sad and tells me he doesn't want to stay, but he stays.  He listens.  He knows he has to be in school, I think, because he's watched his big brother go to school day after day.  

But I can see his face and it breaks my heart.  No one ever told me how HARD being a parent was going to be.  It has gotten easier in some areas, but harder in others.  

He looks so little and sweet and he should be with his mama every second of every day! Just my opinion.

I know he'll be okay. He's going to love it, I hope.  I just hope I'll be okay, soon.  

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