Saturday, July 6, 2013


The hot, horrible days of July are upon us.  We are stuck indoors until the sun reaches the west and then we come out to play.  I'm lying a little.  We do step out during the hottest hours of the day every once in a while because I absolutely go crazy if I have to sit at home every day.  

We swim, we drive to the shop and back, we go to the y,  make stops at stores, but even that gets tiresome, because we are left melted from the heat and the kids get upset for having to leave the air conditioned sanctuary they call home.  

I am so accustomed to this weather, and then I'm so not.  Does that makes sense?  But I won't speak it aloud because then Jeremiah is quick to talk about moving and then our bags are packed and I'm stuck saying, "now, wait, I didn't mean that."  He is so ready to leave.  He can visit any state and say, "lets move here."  I love traveling, but when we talk of moving, it's just so hard to see it happening.  

Family keeps me here.  It's just too hard to leave my kin behind.  I know that we can plan visits if we move.  We've talked about it.  We've figured that my parents can visit once a month, if we ever decided to leave, but lets get back down to reality.  That once a month, will turn into once a year.  Because, well, that's how things end up, right?  Why see them once a year, when I can see them every week.  I can stop by Patricia's house for a visit and also enjoy her beautiful yard.  Or have surprise visits from my brother and my niece and nephew.  

I can endure the heat, while visions of fall dance around in my head.  I dream of the time of year when the phoenix scenery doesn't look so dry and down beaten.  

I can't wait for summer to be over.  I will just take it day by day, with the occasional-i-need-to-get-out-of-the-house-or-ill-lose-my-mind outings. 

Here we go.
Deep breath (of hot air).  
And exhale (said breath of hot air).
And again.

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