Thursday, June 20, 2013


We registered Jonas in swimming lessons three weeks ago. He's been trying really hard to get it.  At first, he struggled to go long distances, but every day with practice, he gets a little better.  He gets motivated when he sees a  buddy there.  He practices his skills after class.  I like to watch him but have to look away when I see him struggle a little.  In my head I think, "you can do it, Jonas."  His little friend, Abby, from school, is in his class and she yells it out for me.  She is on team Jonas, too. 

Angus started his classes this week.  I thought we were in trouble with this little guy when he didn't want to cooperate with the teacher.  He didn't want to sing a song the teacher has them sing.  He didn't want to hold hands when playing a game.  And he didn't want to blow bubbles in the water.  He yells out, "I love you, mom!"  He blew me a kiss yesterday.  I kept telling him to pay attention.  He did the next day.  He thinks he is too cool for little kid stuff.  You are only four, Angus!

We swim afterward.  All four of us in the pool.  I keep an eye on my little's, especially Paloma, because she is the youngest and shortest.  The boys play.  Being in the pool with Paloma is pure joy.  Her face lights up.  "I'm skwimming!"  She goes under water.  She plays and walks around, climbs out, jumps in.  She is a pro in the pool.  She asks me where her teacher is and I tell her I am her teacher.  She is content with that.  

I used to be afraid of taking all three, on my own, but it's not bad.  Jonas and Angus are good in the water.  We just hang out in the kid pool and we are happy.  Soon, these guys will be "skwimming" away.


  1. You continue to be my mom hero! I am afraid of taking my two alone... :0(

    It is awesome that your guys are in swimming lessons!

  2. It will be all good once abby n ivy are a little bigger.