Monday, April 2, 2012

one and one and one

Whenever I feel like I am not giving each one of my children my full attention, I stop to think and realize that they aren't being deprived of love or attention because they get it from each other.  They are together when they wake up early in the morning, while we are still in bed, trying to wake up.  They sit at the table when they are eating breakfast.  Cartoons are playing while some watch and some play. 

Sometimes they fight, but who gets along all the time.  One takes the others toy, or makes the other cry.  They then learn that life is a little tough and you have to stand up for yourself and be strong or cry and wait until mom comes to figure out a solution.  
They are a brother, a brother and a sister.  Each one very different from the other. They know it, see it and feel it. 

They go outside and watch each other play, learn, struggle, climb, cry, laugh, yell, hug, explore.  Each one takes a little bit from the other and so on.
Angus and Jonas make sure the bathroom is closed so Paloma doesn't go in.  Paloma wakes up once she hears Jonas' voice every morning.  If another kid takes a toy away from Angus, Jonas is there to stick up for him.  In the backseat, they all take care of or annoy each other.  No matter what is happening, be it good or bad, they are together.

They are so lucky to have each other. 

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