Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Checking in

April is almost over.  I don't think this year is going to be a slow one.  That is not what I had asked for at the beginning of the year.  I told myself that I would stop and smell the roses or I mean my kids heads and enjoy every moment.  Well, not every moment, but a lot of moments. And what is happening?  These days, weeks, months are just flying by, just like last year and the year before that. 

 I have taken a lot of photos so that I can remember these days and those days and the ones before and after.  I have a phone and camera full of them.  I just have them sitting in memory cards waiting to be printed or posted or looked at and I can't find the time to do any of those things.  I can't find the time, because it keeps escaping me.  It just slips away. And by the time I want to stop and enjoy the moment I am in bed with one of the kids and the day is done.  Too late.

Jonas has one month left of school.  One month.  Then its off to first grade, where he will be gone all day.  All day.  I will definitely welcome the time with just two babes, instead of three, but I will have to get used to not seeing him until the afternoon. 

Angus has been talking so much. Yelling here and there, too.  He is my little naked boy.  He takes his pants off every chance he can get.  I am constantly chasing after him with shorts in hand.  At least he doesn't wear diapers!  
"You are my baby boy," I tell him.  "I am not a baby. I am a big boy," he says, fists at his sides.


Words Paloma says: mommy, up, down, bo-bo, abua, ti-ti, angy, eto (esto), that, this, ampa (grandpa)

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  1. those are beautiful pictures and sweet words. I love you so much mona we have such a beautiful family thank you for everything