Thursday, April 5, 2012

36 months - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


you turned three years old on wednesday.

you are my sweet, handsome little boy, with your big brown eyes and light brown hair.

you are such a wild man, too.


:are fully potty trained.  yay!

:love to hold chickens, baby chicks and roosters.

:like transformers, spiderman, batman, iron man and cars.

:are nice and mean to your baby sister.

:like to swing in the little red swing we have in the backyard and sometimes fall asleep in it.

:can climb up and down the tree in the front yard.

:also like to help me cook.  just like bo-bo.

:look up to your big brother and repeat almost everything he says.

:get mad and kick your legs and punch the air.  this is adorable to watch!

:like to take off your clothes and run around naked.

:will eat candy all day if i let you.  i don't let you, though, but you do love anything sweet.

:wish you could go to school with jonas.

:say 'awww' every time paloma does something cute.

:hold my face when you give me a kiss.  so sweet.

:have lots of little friends.

:have a loud, squealy voice and talk even louder when your brother and sister are sleeping.

:are always talking about coconuts.  (don't know why)

i love you, my little man.

happy birthday!


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