Thursday, June 5, 2014

summer sweet summer

The slow-moving days of summer are finally here.  We've just been rolling along since the last day of school enjoining the late nights, warm air, and lack of bedtime schedules.  The kids ask me what we will do that day.  Most days I do not have an answer but we do what comes up.  Wherever our hearts, minds, invites or lack of planning takes us. 

We have already watched too much tv, gone to the beach, if only for a short stay and eaten much, too much, ice cream and popsicles.  

We have been swimming since school let out, feeling the sun on our backs.  I faintly smell sunscreen on my hands and on my children's bodies most days.  A chemically comforting smell when they sit on my lap and I get a whiff of their little heads.  

These days the weather is so strange.  It's hot, but windy or really breezy.  I can't remember all this wind in years past.  It is strange to say, but the kids have been cold after only about 30 minutes of playing in the pool. 

All three have already been sick.  It was the worst ever with them having every cold and flu symptom.  With the temperature at 100 degrees outside it was scary to feel their little bodies get that hot, even a litter hotter.  Finally all has passed.  Everyone is in the clear, but God forbid that happens again.  

All this just to type that I am glad summer is here.  

There will be no driving to school and from school, four different times throughout the day, no more nightly homework harrasments, or stress over missed school events (sorry Angy, sorry Joni).  There are no more project deadlines or sheet signings and tardiness.  That can wait until august.  In august I will be more ready for it.  Or less ready, we will see. 

The house stuff is still here, like, the dishes, toys, laundry and piles of bills and clutter.  The front and back yard that need to be mowed.  The plants that need to be watered.  The pets that need to be fed, watered and walked.  All of that never goes away.  All of that is here to remind us that we can't get too carried away with the shapelessness that summer brings with it.

Oh, sweet summer, thank you for showing us your unstructured warmth.

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