Saturday, April 24, 2010

Away no more

Jeremiah came back from a long trip a few days ago and boy are we glad he is back. We all miss him every time he has to go. The boys can't get enough of him when he comes back. Jonas asks practically every morning, "Is it your day off today Dad?"

When he answers, "Yes," I can see how happy Jonas gets because it means he gets to do all the fun things mom just can't do with him. All the fun Dad things.

He took us out for breakfast to A.J.'s before work the other morning. We walked while Jonas rode his bike. We got our favorite things: cream cheese croissants, an omelette with potatoes and cantaloupe on the side and a mocha latte for moi. Yum!

We sat and ate then walked back home, but when we got home, we had to say goodbye to Dad. "Don't go to work," says Jonas. He had to:( The house gets quiet and it always feels like somethings missing when he leaves. I don't think he knows it.

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