Thursday, March 24, 2011

Green Thumb

Jonas loves the whole gardening process. As soon as he spotted a huge pack of seeds at Target, that was all he could think about. We went back to return a few things that I had bought and he made sure to bring his money to buy his seeds. He also bought his own trowel. He wanted to make sure he was ready.
We picked a few spots for our flowers and began to plant.

"This is funner than playing video games because you get to watch them grow," he said while digging. Hearing this makes me happy.

He woke up this morning with flowers on his mind.

"Can I take a sunflower to show and tell?"
Of course, there were no flowers, yet.

I love to see how excited he gets and how motivated he is to grow his very own flowers. I remember the only time I planted something was in kindergarten. My mom didn't really have the gardening gene, hence my lack of planting. I often forget to water the few plants we have in the house. They rarely survive.

Jonas said he would remind me everyday to water them.

I'm glad I have him to teach me a few things.

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  1. So glad that Jonas found another hobby. I really hope that Abby will spend a lot of time with Jonas. He has a lot to share with her. Such a wonderful little boy!!!