Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My little darlings

What a way to wake up every morning.
Having these three little bodies next to me is nothing but sweetness.
One is usually in bed with me in the morning, then the other two begin to creep in, calling out my name and climb into bed.
Many mornings I wish I could sleep in and dream the morning away, but then I hear those little voices and the cries and I think of the diapers that need to be changed and the hungry tummies that need to be fed and the breakfasts that need to be eaten.
I get up, pull myself together, wondering just how I am going to do this all over again.
What will we do? What will eat? Where will we go? What will we play? Who will cry first? Who will giggle first? Who will want to be held? Who will need comforting? Who will ask for more strawberries? Who will take a nap?
I will respond to all of these ?'s everyday, all day.
I will be there when Jonas needs help with his socks or shoes, when Angus cries because he can't do what his big brother is doing, when Paloma wakes up and wants to be fed.
For these three little people, who will one day not be so little anymore, I will be there.

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