Monday, June 13, 2011


Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, vanilla yogurt and apple juice all in our little blender (a gift from grandpa).

We woke up craving some very-berry smoothies. Jonas added the ingredients and let Angus put a blueberry and a few blackberries in and we blended our fruit drink. It was delicious. I just had a sip, because these boys drank all of it.
Lucky them!

Paloma, wishing she could have some smoothie, but changing her mind because who wants to get that messy.

Our little garden seems to be doing good. The sunflowers are doing great and the corn is growing. Can't wait to see some flowers. The tomatoes are green, but can't wait for them to be ready. We will have to think of something really good to use them in, something that requires only two tomatoes.
These others sprouted yesterday. Jonas says Miah threw some cantaloupe seeds in, so that is what we are guessing they are. They are all growing very close together.

The chicks are ready for the day. Lulu looks like she's in a good mood.

Found these two in the kitchen playing on my phone.

Jonas tried to build his train, again. It keeps breaking apart. He tells me he skipped a few pages, because he just didn't feel like doing them. That explains the falling apart bit.
Little Angus looked cute all berried up, so I took another photo of his face before it was wiped clean. This boy gets everything he eats all over him.

Here are some glamour shots of my Paloma.

Her eyes are so big and beautiful!

We visited my parents. We hung out for a while, then headed over to Value Village, a thrift store that hasn't changed at all. It looked like they had all the same stuff from about, oh, 15 years ago.
Look at that. It takes three people to walk our children in -my dad carrying Paloma, my mom with Angus and Dona with Jonas.
What a big family we have become!

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