Saturday, August 6, 2011

All gone

Jonas' hair was getting very long and tangled so easily and Angus' hair was so wispy and looking like he never bathed, even after a couple of hours of having bathed him. We decided today was the day for haircuts.
This is Jonas' third haircut and Angus' first.
Were they happy?
Well, Angus didn't mind so much, until the hair that was falling started making him itchy.
Jonas was all for it, at first, then quickly changed his mind and told Miah he was mean.
He also cried because he said he didn't recognize Angus anymore.
They both look so different now. Their features stand out so much more. They look more handsome, more grown up. This scares me a bit. My little boys are growing up way too fast and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Do I want to stop it? No, but it does make me think about how fast their childhood flies by without waiting for me to catch up. I will take this time and embrace it as well as I can...until the next haircut comes along to show me what I've missed.
Paloma was having a good time watching her brothers get so emotional over hair. She could not believe they were crying. She thought they were being silly.
They all have the same hairstyle now. It was inspired by her. We'll see who's hair grows the fastest.


  1. I almost didn't recongize them... they do look so different, and very grown up!!!! but no more tangles.... sure had a wonderful time yesterday at Scarletts 1st birthday party!!!1

  2. Paloma's face made me laugh out loud!!! THen Abby started laughing too! the boys look great!