Saturday, January 28, 2012

Month 12

Paloma it's your birthday
Happy Birthday Paloma

The day is here.  My little baby is going to be a one year old girl tomorrow.  She walks, she talks, well kind of, she says "dis" when she wants something and mama and baby.

She is our pretty prid, our lome-lome, our little lomy.

Dear Paloma,

You are definitely what this family needed.  You have brought so much love and light into our lives.  The boys love you so, but its a rough kind of love that you are kind of getting used to, maybe. I hope.  They are learning to be gentle and tender and not so rough around the edges.  Daddy too!

When you want something or don't, you let it be known with a squeal, yell or cry.  You scrunch your little face when you see someone new or when your smiling at dad.

You love playing outside, driving in your little car or taking a ride in your tricycle.  You love trying different foods.

I love looking at your little feet and toes.  Tickling you on your belly.  Hearing your funny little laugh.  Holding your little hands and squeezing them just so.  And that face, oh that face, I could kiss it all day long.

Life has definitely gotten three times harder for me, but as cliche as it sounds, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Mom is just EXTRA tired at the end of the day, but I get to see you and your brothers do so much, so in the end, it's all worth it.  ALL OF IT.

I just need you to sleep through the night!

Happy Birthday my precious daughter!

Love you,


  1. Our sweet little Paloma.. what a joy she is....

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