Monday, August 13, 2012

back to school

Jonas is back in school and is not too happy about it.  Don't know why it has been so hard for him.  He usually doesn't do too well with change, so I am not surprised, but I thought it was going to be easier  for him.

He knows the school.  He's older and yet it's harder than before to drop him off.  He cries and says he's scared. He doesn't want to eat in the cafeteria, go to any "special", or go to recess.  Once he's there, he just wants to stay in the classroom and not leave, which can't happen.

He's been to pre-school and kindergarten, so why is there a problem now?

Is it something that I'm doing?

He wakes up with tears and says he doesn't want to go.  I tell him school is so important.  That it's  new, but soon it will all be familiar and easy and fun.  He's going to make a ton of friends, because he is such a cool kid.

Hopefully, after this second week, things get easier for him.

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