Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A little bit of this

We are in the second week of school. All is running smoothly on that front.  Thank goodness because I was worried about the school drop off and pick up at two different schools.  So far so good.

I have been helping miah at the shop these weeks.  Helping with as much as I can because I do not know how to assemble bikes, which is where the help is desperately needed.  Paloma and I are there until we need to pick  up the boys.  

After school today we stopped at the post office to send some packages.   We walked in, I, with hands full and children by my side or all around me.  It was busy. It was the post office.

The kids with polar pops in their hands, all sugared up waiting for me on the bench.  I, internally losing my patience with the mail people who take their sweet time and with my children who appeared to be getting louder the longer I waited. 

Finally finished we left and headed for home.   Surprisingly jonas was rushing me to get home fast so that he can do his homework.   What's that you say? Do homework.  Well okay,  I'll step on it.

The kids played, whined, called me the meanest ever, apologized,  were happy again, played more, had dinner, complained about brushing their teeth and then fell asleep.  

Oh, shudder! (in dramatic voice).

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  1. Mona, the best Momma ever! You do an amazing job juggling the babies, home, school an the shop. You give them so much love. An the pictures are the best...