Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paloma / 4 years old

Dear Paloma,

Today you turned four year's old and I just can't believe it.  I keep looking back at photos of you when you were just a baby.  How I miss holding you.  I miss seeing your chubby cheeks and cute little two-toothed smile.  But all those memories of you as a sweet babe are safely stored in my mind and in my memory cards.  Right now I am also loving my big girl. 

You are such a smart girl, very observant and caring.  Also very tough.  No one can push you around.   Let anyone try and they can expect a sharp little punch in the gut.  You are quick.

In the morning, you awake with your brothers. Even though you aren't ready to start the day, you do and off we go on car trips that I just know you are fed up with.  I am sorry. It is our life right now.  

I'm sorry that you have a space cadet for a mom.  Sometimes I'm not as patient as I should be. 

When you are giving me a hard time over clothes, it drives me nuts.  What's the deal?  You used to let me put all kinds of different clothes on you, now not so much.  

You like pretty things.  You have lip gloss and nail polish and apply it, calling them your "stylish things". 

I hear your little voice in the backseat of the car and think you are the sweetest girl I will ever encounter in my life.  Your speech is so good.  You ask so many questions.  You are not lazy, except when I ask you to clean your room.  

On your birthday I saw you having the best time with your cousins.  After everyone had left you continued to play, happily.  

You are my beautiful girl, inside and out, and words can't express how much love I have for you.



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