Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a day for many, a day for two

today was a good day.  it had little ups and downs, nothing to worry about, just everyday human things.    we went to the museum with my brother and my niece and nephew.  we had a good time, but there were so many kids already at the museum.  we kept an eye on our bunch, but then you'd blink and they'd wander away.  wait, there they are or there they go.  we made it out, all seven of us, all together just as we arrived.  success.

getting home was tough, as i was getting so sleepy.  the kids were good, they played, talked, ate and watched little t.v.  i made a cup of coffee and felt awake.  i dropped angus off at his best bud's house and loma fell asleep on the way to her preschool.  it was joni and i awake in the car.  talking.

he is a good kid, that boy.  very opinionated, but good, nonetheless.  it was nice to talk with him.

loma stayed asleep all evening after many attempts to awaken her.  that was alright with me as i got the dishes washed and the laundry sorted.

jonas and i talked more.  he made cookies.  we decided to draw pictures.  it was nice, just he and i.  my first born.  we tried to wake loma up again, but to no avail. the summer has tired her out.  that is OK.  sleep is good for the brain.

we talked some more and played a game of uno.  his eyes tired, my eyes wide awake after that stinkin' coffee i drank too late in the afternoon.

at the end of the night, he said, "thanks for drawing with me mom, and thanks for playing uno with me.  it was fun."

it was fun my sweet boy.  i love you jonas.

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