Thursday, June 24, 2010

mud therapy

We spent the afternoon at grandma 'tricia's house. The boys and I showed up, swim trunks in hand, ready for irrigation time.

Jonas knew exactly where to go - to one of the muddiest spots in the yard. He had his beach toys in tow and walked through the jungle. I followed. Soon, Angus and grandma joined in.

The boys got all muddy, while Patricia and I treated our feet to an all natural smooth mud soak.
We sat out there talking, listening to Angus' "oohs" and jonas' stories.

We took no photos, even though we thought about pulling out the camera. Now, it is a sweet summer memory. We enjoyed the afternoon, which soon turned into evening, and each others company. Our good time made the heat bearable.

After some yummy quesadillas, more talking and a few games of spongebob later, it was time for us to head home, but it sure was nice being together on this warm June day.


  1. Sometimes it's best not to worry about the camera. Just live in the moment. Nothing better than your own private mud hole :)