Saturday, June 5, 2010

oil spill in arizona

I've told Jonas about the oil spill in the Gulf.  He's seen photos of birds covered in oil, asked questions about what happens to them.  He knows it's a bad thing that's happening.  Today, he and Philip were playing outside, then he said, "let's play oil spill in Arizona."  They pretended the mud was the oil and that they were rescuing animals. He stepped in a mud hole and said, "Hurry, help me.  I'm covered in oil. I'm going to die." 

What a disaster.  To think about what that dark liquid is doing to all the living things, the water, the beaches, the marshes.  Oh, and the smell.  
How depressing.

This is what Angus was doing during their pretend play in the mud.  He was busy trying to ride this tricycle sans diaper.  

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