Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The chicken catcher

A few months ago, I had written about Angus trying to catch the chickens.  They always got away, no matter how close he was to catching them.  Well, he finally did it last week.  He was so happy, holding on to that chicken.  He brought it into the house, walked straight into his room, closed the door and sat in the closet, just holding his chicken.  
I walked in, looked in the closet and asked him what he and feather were doing.  "My chicken," he said and gave it a kiss.  

It got away from him when he went back outside.  He let out a loud cry.  I ran outside, not knowing what had happened.  I comforted him by telling him we'd catch it again.  We tried, but Feather wasn't going to let us get to her this time.  He was pretty down after that.

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  1. I love Angus! He is so funny! Look at his perseverance, it finally paid off!