Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Tuesday

I’m spent.  Today was truly a trying, or did I mean tiring, day.  So many little things happened that had me going around like a chicken with its head cut off.  So much so, that my phone is not working now.  Another phone broken is so typical of me, it’s embarrassing. 

The babes were extra wild.   Angus kept doing the opposite of what I asked him to do or not do.  Jonas was good, but was not up for going to school after he hurt himself in the bathtub.   Paloma fell asleep in her towel, diaper-less, after I gave her a bath. 

When she woke up, I let her walk around for a few minutes without clothes or a diaper, while I served the boys some ice cream.  I walked back out from the kitchen to discover a lovely little poop mess.   I cleaned her up and was washing her hands in the sink, walked out of the bathroom without turning the faucet off.  I didn’t realize the sink plug was in.  I walked in to turn it off and saw water overflowing.  My phone got wet because I had set it down on the counter. 

I had a wet phone, water on the floor, a crying Paloma in her crib, poop in the dining area yet to be cleaned, but at least there were two happy boys enjoying some rocky road, sharing one chair.  (I want to remember them sitting there together, always, because they looked so darn cute.)  All of this on top of other spills and fits that took place in the morning.

“I’ll clean the bathtub for you.  That will make you feel better,” Jonas said after finishing up his ice cream.  He either hugs me or tries to help out when I look a little stressed.

“Be careful in there,“ I said.  “It‘s slippery.” 

Soon after I said that, he slipped and hit his face.  I ran in after I heard him cry out and saw that his nose was bleeding.  He was okay, just scared at the site of blood. 

I let him stay home from school. 

Which then threw naps out of whack.  Which means I didn't get a break.  Which means the messes I cleaned up, were followed by more messes.  Which means that by four, I was wishing it was bed time or that Miah would show up.  Well, they sure were not tired at four and Miah never showed up.

I did manage to get them to bed by eight.  All three sleeping in the same bed, at the same time.  A high five to myself for that! 

Tomorrow is going to be better.  Tomorrow will be easy after experiencing today.   Whatever happened today, will not happen again tomorrow.  There will be a new craziness that I will try to be ready for, tomorrow.

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