Thursday, March 8, 2012

November 13, 2005 ~ Jonas Encarnacion

~~I never had a chance to write down my children's birth stories.  I've read and listened to a few of them and  told mine, but I want my babes to know about the hours before, during and after they were born.  So, in honor of babes being born, here's the first story.~~

Jeremiah and I had planned a relaxing Saturday. I was feeling good.  We got up, attended a barbecue that a friend of ours invited us to and so began the wait.  I had been having contractions throughout the day, but nothing serious or regular that would cause me to stop what I was doing.  

We were newbies at this birth thing.  We didn't even know what the baby in my belly was going to be.   Had some favorite boy names.  Don't think we picked any girl names, so I believe in our hearts we kind of knew.  

When we were leaving the park, I talked to Miah's aunt Kathy on the phone and asked her what a real, full on, going-into-labor contraction was going to feel like.  

Her words of wisdom: "It'll feel like the bottom half of your body is being ripped apart from the top half."

Ouch!  Surprisingly, I was not scared, just thinking, okay, so far, not feeling that.  Whew!

Went home, had Miah mop the floor, took a shower, put on some comfortable clothes, sat on the couch and waited.  

Called the doctor at about six because the contractions were getting closer, not strong, but more frequent, and had some other stuff happening.  A male doctor I had never met picked up the call and said I was in the first stage of labor.  He advised us to go ahead and drive to the hospital.  

We got ready, eager as were to turn our family of two to three, we arrived quickly.  The nurse checked me out, gave me something to help me sleep better.  Why I took that, I have no idea.  I felt sleepy the rest of the night when I needed to be awake.  Like I said, newbies here.  We were sent home. 

I called my mom and told her to come over, because this night was going to be the night.  I fell asleep and at about midnight, I remember distinctly turning to my side and feeling a POP.  My water had broken.  I went to the bathroom, came back into the bedroom and told Miah it was time.  He rushed like a good husband and got me, my mom and our stuff in the truck and we were on our way. 

The shivering began instantly.  In the truck, I was shaking, while Miah was driving, fast.  I don't recall when the hard contractions started but boy were they tough to endure.

I wasn't for or against getting an epidural.  I just thought it would be cool to bring our child into this world without it, but things don't always turn out how one would like.  I got it and felt some relief.  The right side of my body was happy and pain free while the left side was just not feeling good.  I slept and awoke off and on.  Hours passed.  Miah was right by my side the entire time.  I remember seeing his face every time I awoke. 

Finally, Sunday at about 10 in the morning, I was ready and boy was I ready.  All I was thinking when I was ready to push was that I could not wait to see my baby and I was going to push as hard as my mind and body could push.  It didn't take me long. 

And then he was out and I felt so much relief and happiness.  I heard Dr. O say he was a boy, heard his cry and saw my little person for the very first time right in front of me.   

I'll never forget his skin being a light shade of red from all the crying, his little nose looked smooshed from the too-tight space he was living in, the skin around his eyes swollen, his wrinkly fingers were holding his arms crossed, and his dark, dark hair was long. 

He was perfect.  

When it was time to fill in the birth certificate information, after hours of looking at our sweet little boy, without hesitation, no discussion was needed, we both knew his name was Jonas.


  1. Wow I really enjoyed reading that Mona! I wrote a journal for Abby before she was born and included her birth story and I will do that same for Ivancito. I just need to get a journal for him. Can't wait to read about Angus!

  2. What a treasure of a story....all your writing just love reading...