Friday, October 12, 2012


Jeremiah spotted a turtle a couple of weeks back, walking, slowly,  on the street.  We brought it home with us so that it would not get run over.  
The kids loved him.  
They fed him, held him, Paloma yelled at him ("no, no, thtay," she'd say as it walked toward her) and hugged him.  We put signs up in the neighborhood and hoped that no one would call us.

Someone called.  

Jake went back home last night.  The kids were bummed about it.  They were sad to see him go.  But they handled it pretty well.  Jonas was the saddest, said he cried at school because he knew Jake had to go.  We explained that we would be sad if we lost a pet and would be happy if he was returned to us.  This helped him understand.

Thanks, Jake, for showing us how cool dessert tortoises are.

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  1. Aw, cool lesson about helping others....we have a desert tortoise at my long til you guys get your own?