Sunday, December 30, 2012


Some nights, when I lie down, ready for sleep, my nana pops into my head. It just happens without me talking or thinking about her. I see her, as my head rests on my pillow, my eyes closed.

I see her in her little apartment, with all her things around her. She smiles. She looks happy, like she did when anyone would visit. I see her leaving the room to watch her novellas and then she comes back during a commercial, just as she always did.

I start to miss her so much. I miss her face, her short hair, her eyes and her voice. It hurts. Then I I feel sad. I wish I would have visited her more. How I wish I could stop by her apartment, to see her trinkets and treasures up. To see her open the door.

Instantly, my sadness fades and then I start to wonder if every time I think of her being happy, maybe she is thinking of me in heaven. That is why she just pops into my head out of the blue. At least that's what I like to think. My nana is thinking of me and I of her.

In my thoughts I never see her suffering, sad, or hurt. Just happy and home.

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