Monday, March 25, 2013

our week

A lot was accomplished last week, or so it seemed. Must be the change in the season that has me feeling like I am just going and going. Early to rise in the morning, going non-stop all day, and bedtime can't come sooner. By the time we are all in bed, and my body relaxes, I fall asleep, easily. The good, I've been up all day, beat, tired, kind of sleep.

We are all enjoying spring. Oh, my favorite season. I love it so. We could spend our days outside every day. If only Arizona summers weren't so hot and in a hurry to get here, because we know our perfect weather will end soon. The heat will creep in and then it will soon be unbearable, but for now, we are loving our springtime.

Jonas is going to be in his first ever little league game tomorrow. He's been practicing with Miah. He has gone from not knowing much about the sport to understanding the game. He is working on hitting the ball and adding a little more power to his hit, catching, and hustling to get the ball. He and Miah are having a good time working together. So much so that every practice he wants it to be he and Miah only. Angus, Paloma and I tag along sometimes to play in the playground.

Paloma has been so difficult for about two weeks straight. She has been fussy. She's refusing to potty train, she constantly wants me to hold her and she asks in the whiniest voice "mama hoooollld", if something is not exactly as she wants, she breaks down. Oh, I hope this stage passes quickly because it is so, so tiring.

Angus and I play hours of monster jam, robot rumble, spiderman vs. bumble bee, etc, etc, etc, a week. He is my action figure, monster truck player. I love to watch his imagination at work. Most of the time the characters play nice. Holding a monster truck in his hand, he bumps against the one I'm holding and says, "hey, can I talk to you." That's how the adventures begin. We build Lego robots, that we eventually destroy. Fun stuff, but its hard to tell him I have to wash dishes or do laundry. He'd have me playing all day if it were up to him.

Our sunflower seeds are in the ground. Can't wait to see them sunflowers standing tall. Veggies will be planted this week. Our chickens have become consistent little egg layers. Soon, we will not need to buy any from the store. We are turning all organic, home grown over here or at least trying to be.

We are working on and through a lot of things over here.

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