Monday, April 8, 2013

month 48 - four years old

Dear Angus,

You turned four, four days ago. You are getting so big so fast. On your birthday, I was thinking about the day you were born. I can remember every moment and every emotion I was feeling. I was so happy when you arrived and made us a family of four, even though things got a little harder for me. One mom, two boys, equals lots of work.

You have always been my little sweetie. When they handed you to me and we looked at you-me, daddy and grandma Patricia, the first words that came out when we looked at you were how sweet you were. Sweet. You are my little sweetheart inside, with a tough exterior. You are the one that will wrap your arms around my neck, look in my eyes, tell me, "i love you" and plant a kiss on me. And you hold on tight. Weak is a word that does not describe you. You are strong.

When you get upset about something it shows. But you let go of angry feelings and soon after you are back to your loving self. You love Jonas so much. The way you look at him says it all. You laugh at his poop jokes and even when he acts like a bossy older brother, you are there to follow him and listen to his (mostly crazy) ideas. You love paloma but she is obviously not your favorite sibling at the moment, but you two get along fine, when you are not fighting for the same toy, candy, drink, food, movie, etc...

It was neat to see you pick out what you like for your birthday. Other years you weren't so involved in the choices, not because I didn't want you to be, but because you just weren't interested. Now, it's a different story. You know what you like. Your birthday party proved it with its Power Ranger-Monster Jam-Spider-Man theme. Only thing missing was anything Wipeout. But, that was all you, little man.

When you opened your presents, you were so excited with every gift, minus the clothing. You thanked everyone. You did a monster truck jam, smash and crash on top of your cake. Mushed whipped cream for all to eat. I told you to make a wish when we let our balloons go. "I wish for...winter wipeout," you said, and let your green balloon go. An Angy wish for sure!

Every day, at home, I watch you play with your toys and listen as your imagination unfolds. I watch as you sneakily take my phone to play games. Peanut butter sandwiches, bowls of cereal, and ice cream are regular requests around here made by you. You prefer water to juice or milk, almost always. The questions you ask me in the car, when we are listening to the radio, watching t.v., reading a book, let me know how smart and aware you are, how much you are growing and learning. I stop and think back to when you were two and you needed me more, but you are just where you need to be at four.

I love you.


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