Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have been blessed with three beautiful children.
They are my everything.
Without them I don't know what I would do.
They try to cheer me up when I am down.
They tell me they love me when they don't see a sparkle in my eyes.
They are my guiding lights in an oftentimes dim world.
They make me laugh.
They stop and straighten up when they realize I am serious and I've had enough.
They don't judge me.
They don't criticize me.
They love me unconditionally.
To them I am mom and they don't need more, just me.
"Is mommy pretty or ugly?" I've asked them when I'm make up free and need sleep.
"Pretty!!" they say.
To them I am not chubby.
Once, I asked Jonas if he thought I was a nice person.
He said, without looking up from what he was doing, "You're perfect, mom."
To them, I am perfect, although "mean" at times, but they love me nonetheless.
No better way to describe love.

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