Monday, May 6, 2013

weekend doings

Last week I asked Miah when we were going to start our garden. What did he say? He didn't say anything, he delivered! He is awesome like that. He made two gardens for us. One will have corn. The other will have squash, watermelons and cantaloupe. Praying the seeds I planted will sprout. I feel like because I did it, they may not. A green thumb, I have not.

The kids have been excited about gardening. They want to help. They want to move dirt around, they want to spray water, they want to drop little seeds in tiny holes. We let them help as much as they can do, but its hard because, well, hills get stepped on some of the time and some seeds make it on the sides of the holes other times and water and dirt turn to mud and well, wait, no stop, don't step there and oy.

Jonas said, "Mom, it's gonna be cool when you ask me to pick food from the garden for dinner." It will be very cool and I can't wait.

But I can, wait.

We are all excited about planting and waiting and growing our own food. Crossing fingers all works out.


The weather has been perfect at certain times of the day. We were in the backyard on Saturday morning. Jonas, Angus and Paloma were playing happily. We were letting Miah sleep because he's been working long hours. The kids were getting along and laughing together, just enjoying each others company.

Perfect moments like these make the tough ones disappear. The ones where Angus teases Paloma, making her mad and she starts to cry or when Jonas is only thinking about playing the wii or when there are spills and clutter all over the house. Those are erased from my mind when my children are happy and content. They don't matter. My children matter. Their joy matters.

We had a perfect morning until it wasn't, because nothing is perfect all of the time. It wouldn't be real life if it was. But it was just how it was supposed to be. It was nice.

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